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Geoffrey  Royle
28 July 1935 - t.b.a.
DNA as tested by Ancestry.co.uk (2016)
43% Scandinavia; 41% British Isles; 6% Iberia; 9% Europe (west); 1% N.Africa

Clock displays Universal Time = Greenwich Time, i.e. no daylight saving

" Know thine hours, but waste them not ! "

Born in the home of maternal grandmother at 25 Bosworth St.,  Openshaw, Manchester [M11 3AW], she delivered the baby, and nipped out for ice creams etc. The house was demolished in 2009 as part of a redevelopment.
1935 Our family home in those early days was 35 St. Margaret's Ave., Burnage, Manchester [M19 1EL]

1936 ~Aug the family moved to 21 Broadstone Rd., Stockport, to take over a beer-shop, the Long Pull, previously managed by paternal grandfather until his death.
1939 - 1945  WWII

1940 September  This was the time of The Battle of Britain, and also Geoff's first days in school at Longford Road, Reddish, Stockport, There were air-raid drills, and gas-masks for children and staff from day-one !  Apparently, diving under the desks would have protected us from the bombers.
1945/spring Due to a fall on broken glass while playing, I suffered a serious injury to my writing-hand.  An artery and tendons  were severed. I wish I could go back in time to Stockport Infirmary and thank those good people who eventually repaired the damage. As an aside I remember I was treated at the time with M&B antibacterial tablets, forerunners of what we now recognise as antibiotics, which were a godsend for war wounded.  
1949 - 1952 Attended Stockport Technical School as an "engineer". Students chose to specialise either as 'builders' or 'engineers' and were streamed accordingly.
1952 - 1958  Enrolled as an apprentice draughtsman at Craven Brothers (Manchester) Ltd.  We built very large machines for metal cutting/and grinding.  Those six years included certification in mechanical engineering at Stockport College.  In those days the closest we got to a degree/cap-and-gown, or even a 'reference' was advice from the management to "Just tell 'em where you're from lad !"

Aug 1958 - Aug 1960  Two years National Service in the Royal Air Force.


 RAF Locking badge

No.1 Radio School
Locking, Somerset

I was trained to service ground based radars such as 'beam-approach'
which assisted pilots when about to land, forerunner of ILS.
Those 'radars' were namely : Eureka; Babs; and Tacan


Postings :-  
R.A.F. Locking (No.1 Radio School); R.A.F. Middleton St. George, Darlington (Fighter station);  
 R.A.F. Chaplains School (Anglican), Dowdeswell Court, Cheltenham.

With hindsight, my posting to R.A.F. Locking was a much appreciated privilege,
and I am beginning to think that someone in the recruitment process had joined the dots.
i.e. Upon registration my choice of service was the R.A.F. and my dad was a radar fitter during WW2. 

Here is another airman's account of his time at R.A.F. Locking.

1959 Oct 17  Dorothy and I were married at Reddish Green Church, Broadstone Road, Reddish, Stockport.
1962 & 1965  Our sons John and Tony were born.
1976 Amateur Radio licence obtained, callsign : G4FAS (the G = England, U.K.)
On frequencies up to 29.7 MHz met many other 'radio-hams' in over 100 countries, exchanging messages mainly in Morse code.

1961 - 1993   Employed by the A.V.Roe company, Woodford, Cheshire as a design draughtsman, stayed there until retiring as a principal design engineer.  Was involved in the construction, modification and restoration of many types of aircraft, e.g. Anson [G-AHKX]; Shackleton; Vulcan; 748; Nimrod; Victor [ex Handley Page]; VC10 [ex Vickers].  Over the years the company name went through a number of transformations.  As a design; assembly; and flight test facility, Woodford closed on Friday 28th of October 2011.

Vulcan XM606 over Fylingdales

Vulcan XM606 over Fylingdales

1996 - 2000   Constructed a radio telescope to detect and record deep-space objects, e.g.  Cygnus A; M1 the Crab Nebula; M87 Virgo 'A'; and Cassiopeia 'A'. The project was a wonderland of imagination; history; astronomy; general science; and handicraft.
For me alone perhaps, an ideal retirement project.
Chart trace of Cygnus A semi-diurnal interference
Graphical output captured during six hours as radio galaxy Cygnus 'A' slipped steadily westwards.

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A few weeks prior the above 'last' flight I had retired on September 30th and it so happened that a farewell tour of Britain by XH 672 had been arranged for the same day - - -  so together with many friends and collegues I enjoyed a spectacular fly-past of Woodford as the plane skimmed low across the Cheshire countryside. It was good to imagine that 'someone up there’ knew I was retiring on that sunny day.



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