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Alice Ann Adamson
Shildon 1846 - 1927 Blackpool
The webmaster is Alice's 1st cousin three times removed.

1846  Alice was born in Shildon, Co.Durham to parents Daniel Adamson and Mary Adamson (nee Pickard)

1867  CHRISTMAS DAY  o o o Alice (21) and sister Lavinia (16) were christened at St.Mary's Church, Newton-in-Mottram, Cheshire

1868 December 15 :  Alice married Joseph Leigh, cotton spinner / mill owner of Stockport, Cheshire

1889  September : At Whitehaven, in the English Lake District, Alice launched a ship which carried her own name "Alice A Leigh".   It was a four masted barque owned by  the Alice A Leigh Shipping Co. of Liverpool, and capable of an England-Australia voyage in about 100 days at speeds of up to 330 miles / day.


In her final year ( of 33 ) she was renamed " REWA "

The webmaster sought expert advice over what in this photograph seem to be gun ports.
Apparently the cosmetic 'ports' are painted on as a deterrent to pirates and the like.
What goes round comes round, as the saying goes. The webmaster attended Stockport Technical School
which in its first manifestation was founded by Alice's husband Sir Joseph Leigh.
As was the custom the scholars were tasked with projects for the summer holidays.
Sixty years ago the webmaster's project was to research the decoration of British warships in the 1800s !

After 33 years service her last voyage ended August 1922 in Auckland, New Zealand were she spent the next eight years moored at Northcote Point.  Later 
a plan to set her up as a breakwater failed when she ran aground at Shipwreck Bay, Moturekareka Island.
She was the last of her kind on the British Register.

1889 Nov 8  Alice officially opened The Stockport Technical School, now Stockport College.


Image of Tabley House

1891 census  Alice and her family lived at Tabley House, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0EZ. There were 9 family members; 3 visitors & 15 servants.
1894  Joseph was knighted, hence the couple were then styled Sir Joseph and Lady Alice [1].

1908 September 22  Alice's husband Joseph died at The Towers, Didsbury [link] , Manchester, M20 2YY.  His father-in-law Daniel Adamson died there in 1890.

1911 census. Lady Alice A Leigh, at 26 Kent Road, Harrogate, HG1 2LE, with children : Alice Mary; Joseph Egerton; Oswald Bowes.

1927 August 11  'Dame' [1] Alice Ann Leigh died, aged 81yrs.  Her address was 'Duneside' 115, South-promenade, St.Anne's-on-Sea, Lancashire.
There was a sea-view.

[1] The titles 'Lady' and 'Dame' are defined at Debretts. The latter is, in modern times normally only used on legal documents.  For example 'Dame' in Alice's case is in a solicitors' notice in the London Gazette of 17 July 1928.

More about 'Alice' the ship :


 http://www.g4fas.net/1889_Alice-A-Leigh_launch_CP_report.html (as linked to above)

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