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This page is a very short catalogue of paintings by
Hans Frederik Meyer Visby (1839 - 1926) of Aarhus, Denmark.
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Oil Painting "----young woman reading an Easter letter"

"An interior with a young woman reading an Easter letter"
by Danish artist Hans Frederik Meyer Visby 1839 - 1926
( Visby's wife ? )

Asking price in 2017 = £2,388 (GBP)
Dansk Kunstgalleri

Image : Beach and dunes with ship run aground

Stranding at Mejlgade Port (Aarhus, Denmark)

Image : Skagen Beach and the Grey Lighthouse

Skagen Beach and the Grey Lighthouse 
(Det Grå Fyr)

Small sail-boats beached, and palm-trees

Karibisch Küste  (Caribbean Coast) c.1865

Image torrid, landscape, with gauchos lighting a campfire.

A Friendly Fire
(lejrbålet) c.1865

View from St.Thomas towards Christianfort by Fred Visby

View from St. Thomas Is. (c.1865) towards Christiansfort
U.S. Virgin Islands.
Fred's daughter Thora wrote a book entitled "St Thomas".

Recently on 6th of Sept 2017 the island was devastated by hurricane IRMA.

Other books by Fred's daughter Thora Visby-Petersen (1873 - 1917) include 
 "Sol over Zion" and  "Himalaya gloder"

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As Fred (Fritz) Visby died in 1926 all the images above are now in the public domain.

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