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This attractive illustration is an interpretation of the crest awarded with
the arms of
John Field of Ardsley, West Yorkhire on 4 September 1558.

" A dexter Arm issuing out of clouds fesswise proper habited Gules,
holding in the hand also proper an Armillary Sphere Or. "

The definition (not the image) was given to me by letter dated 17 July 2009
by herald Mr William G Hunt of the College of Arms, London, England

There are other very similar engravings of this crest which also include :
( "Always in Motion" or "Perpetual Motion" )
If John Field's actual crest had included this slogan how appropriate it would 
have been, instrumental as he was in bringing to our attention
the Copernican view of the Solar System.

The left-hand clutching the Armillary Sphere mirrors the stance of Copernicus
in the famous Warsaw statue. Posed as a teacher he holds the armillary sphere
in his left-hand and dividers in his right.

For reference only : I am aware that some of the 'very similar engravings' show the Arm
entering from the opposite side. The word 'dexter' is used in other ways,
e.g. it might refer to a right-arm; or else the right-hand side of the illustration as 
perceived looking out from the 'canvas' toward the observer.
Such is the apparent ambiguity of heraldic definitions.

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