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High Side Bank
(A map of 1856 indicates 556 feet asl)
Heighington, Co. Durham

In the days of this saga the house is believed to have been private property i.e. not a farmhouse.

High Side Bank warrants its own page within this web-site due to a remarkable coincidence set out in the frames below.
There is no reason to believe that the families were in any way connected in the 19th century
as the Barretts were from Oxford, and the Browns were local people.

1841 Census
A member of my mother's ancestral family lived here.
i.e. Susannah (Barrett) Wilkinson b.1801
of Oxford.
She was my g.g.grandfather's sister.

1891 Census
An ancestor of my father was living here.
i.e. Mary (Orton) Brown b.1808 who earlier
lived nearby in Shildon.
She was my g.g.grandmother
(widow of William Brown S&DR engine driver)


The property is on high ground with a good view toward the Cleveland Hills.
The view including a nearby farm may be seen via this

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