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Sophia Field
20 Nov 1805 - 11 Feb 1883
She was born exactly a month after The Battle of Trafalgar (21st of  October 1805).

This lady is the 'youngest' in the line of my Field ancestors.

White-bluebells, May 2018

She is descended from a male line of 'Fields' which has great potential for further investigation.

1806 Jan 5 Sophia was baptised at St. Andrews, Canterbury. Her parents were 
John Barber Field, a saddler who was from Woodkirk, nr Wakefield, Yorkshire, and her mother was Sophia Crockford, 4 Mar 1780 - 23 Nov 1828 [1], of Borden, Sittingbourne, Kent.

1825 Jan. 9  At Lambeth, St.Mary's (Kennington, London) she married James Barber
believed to be her cousin, son of Molly Barber-Field whose husband was Thomas Barber, Officer of Excise.

They had the following children :-
1835  Dec. 21 Sophia's husband, James Barber died.

1837  Feb 4  Sophia married Frederick Barrett, a printer and compositor.

Note : The above boys William and Thomas appear in the 1841 Census living in Chesterfield with Frederick and Sophia, though they are mis-named,  i.e. their names are given as Barrett which should have been Barber as they were Frederick Barrett's step-sons.
Molly Barber (nee Barber-Field) the boys' grandmother was also present at the Chesterfield address.
Molly's late husband Thomas Barber had been an Officer of Excise at Wakefield.

Sophia and Frederick had the following four children :-

In 1841 the infant Susannah lived at High Side Bank (house), Heighington with her aunt, Susannah Wilkinson (nee Barrett) whose husband was William Wilkinson, Registrar of BMD, presumably at Darlington. She appears to have died (1859 Q4) at her parents' home no.30 Young Street, Doncaster aged only 21 years.
Following the death of Susannah (1859 Q4) Eleanor appears to have replaced her late sister at the Wilkinson's home in Darlington.  She later married William Henry Cowper, coal and iron merchant. Their house Ravenscroft, Nut Lane, Grove Hill, Middlesbrough, was a well known mansion of the area, built in the style of a French chateau. Her sister Mary Jane, lived about 100 yards to the west (see Mary Jane, below). Eleanor's husband was born in Delph, Saddleworth, Yorkshire (2008 Oldham Lancashire).
Married John Watson Armitage, Borough Accountant at Darlington. So the Barrett family appear to have been well acquainted with local dignitaries at Darlington.
  • g.grandfather's sister Mary Jane,  b.1848, Doncaster
1871 Census   Mary Jane at home with parents, 30 Young St., Doncaster. Occupation, Milliner.

1875 June 10 age 27, Mary married wine-merchant Henry Joseph Balthasar Hubert Winterschladen Link at St.Cuthbert's Church Link, Marton-in-Cleveland. Her sister Eleanor's husband William H Cowper is shown as a witness on the marriage certificate. The W's house (extant), Rhine Lodge, Grove Hill, Marton Road, Middlesbrough, in those days a well known mansion of the area and sister Eleanor, lived about 100 yards to the east (see Eleanor, above). Joseph Winterschladen was born Prussia, Germany, though he became naturalised English and attended the above church all his married life.
(For reference only : In 1728 James Cooke later known as Captain James Cook, navigator, was baptised at the above St.Cuthbert's Church.)

Garden at Rhine Lodge c.1908 and a Model T Ford car.
Mr & Mrs Winterschladen on the back seat ? And a servant at the door ?

Sophia, 1881 Census.  She was in Darlington at the home of widower William Wilkinson her husband's brother-in-law.  It seems strange that her husband Frederick was then living at the Cheshire Cheese pub in Doncaster and his marital status in the census 'widower', plainly a false entry as Sophia lived until 1883.

1883 Feb 11   Sophia died at 11 Hume Terrace, Darlington.  Informant on the death certificate was her son-in-law John.W.Armitage. (In the 1881 Census he was enumerated as 'Borough Accountant'.)

Sophia Field
 A truly valued ancestor

[1]  Sophia Crockford's lifespan was found in the Winterschladen of Middlesbrough family bible.

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