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Most of what I declare in this website is what I have discovered since retiring from my career job. More than 70 years ago my paternal grandmother did her utmost to focus my attention on two distinct romances.  The first was that an ancestor had delivered a locomotive engine to Russia, the first ever to run in that country; and the second was about her presence in Stockport and Didsbury (England) as Mr Daniel Adamson arrived home from London having masterminded the success of the Bill of Parliament which facilitated the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal.
Now please consider the list of notable people below then go to my  Tree diagram from which my connections to those people may be deduced.

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notable people within this website are added here as shortcuts, as once seen they might be difficult to recall. 
William Brown born 1st of October 1803, S&DR, engine-driver
Daniel Adamson JP b.1820, engineer and first chairman of the Manchester Ship Canal
Daniel Adamson, headline, 8 August 1885, the Ship Canal Bill, and celebrations in Didsbury
Lady Alice Ann Leigh, b.1846 nee Adamson, daughter of the above Daniel

A photograph of Heaton Norris, (Lancashire Hill area), Stockport, pure nostalgia
John Field b.1522, Tudor astronomer and proto-Copernican (a line of descent)

Holling Hall, Oulton homestead of my 'Barber' ancestors in the 1700s.

Danish artist and photographer Hans Frederik Meyer Visby

Webmaster/Owner of this Royle Family History

My 1998 paper chart-recording of astronomical Radio Source : Cygnus A

My 2nd great-grandfather Frederick Barrett at Merton College Chapel, Oxford :)

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